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About Our Industry

Canada’s plumbing and hydronic heating industry is an exciting place to work.  Industry members manufacture, distribute, sell, install and maintain plumbing and hydronic (hot water) heating products for houses, apartments, condominiums and all types of commercial buildings. 
With increased emphasis on water resources and energy efficiency, more products are being developed to manage what we put down the drain and how we control the air we breathe to make our buildings safer, healthy, cleaner and more efficient.
People in our industry are involved in sales, marketing, IT, finance, engineering, design, product development, construction, renovation… the list goes on.

About CIPH: the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating
The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating is a not-for-profit trade association founded in Montreal in 1933. CIPH members are located right across Canada and employ more than 20,000 Canadians. CIPH represents the interests of companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute plumbing, hydronic heating, pipes, valves & fittings and waterworks products and services. Our wholesaler members operate more than 700 warehouses and showrooms across Canada. Total industry sales exceed $6 billion annually.

Want to know more?
There are three trade magazines that specialize in our industry and publish general and technical articles throughout the year.

Trade Shows
Visiting an industry trade show can be a great way to learn more about products and companies. 
Here are the shows that serve Canada’s plumbing and heating industry.  All shows take place biennially (every other year).  Visit their websites to find out when the show closest to you will be taking place.

  • CMPX - Toronto                                  
  • CIPHEX West -Western Canada – alternates between Calgary and Vancouver
  • MCEE - Montreal                     
  • MEET - Moncton
  • CIPHEX Roadshow -Travelling trade show, typically visits 3-4 cities across Canada        

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a show:

  • Register in advance.  It’s always less expensive and for many shows, FREE, if you register ahead of time.
  • Dress professionally – you never know who you may meet at a show.
  • Most shows have a new product section which will give you a great snapshot of what’s new and interesting.
  • Most shows in our industry have free technical and business seminars – a great way to expand your knowledge and make you an even more desirable candidate for potential employers.