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Certification Organization Due Diligence (CODD)

The Plumbing Industry Advisory Council (PIAC) has developed this web page to help clarify any concerns member companies or stakeholders may have with respect to certification organizations and the work they perform on behalf of the industry.

PIAC has created a Task Force called the Certification Organization Due Diligence (CODD) Task Force. The members include:
  • Thomas Husebye; Dahl Brothers Canada Ltd. (Chairman) 
  • Arnold Knapp; CCBDA
  • Stephen Knapp; CCBDA
  • Harald Prell; Viessmann Manufacturing
  • Scott Macdonald; Envirogard Products
  • Peter Cook, IPEX
  • Kevin Wong; CWQA

The role of the CODD Task Force is to review all concerns raised by CIPH members relating to Certification Organizations (COs) and then liaise with the COs to have industry’s needs met. This is an important key benefit of your CIPH membership designed to strengthen our relationship with COs and to ensure they are supporting the work of industry.

The Task Force urges you to submit any information that may be relevant in our discussions with the certification bodies.

In the sidebar, many of the participating Certification Organizations have provided links to their certified products listings. Please use these resources to investigate, search or verify any products, their marking and the listing by the appropriate certification organization.

If you would like to submit a report or information, CIPH will be removing all company names and only reporting the key issues.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact CIPH.