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Career Paths

Canada’s plumbing and heating industry has plenty of career paths for all types of graduates. The chart below shows just a few of the possibilities.
  • If you are interested in/studying
  • Business, Economics, Finance, Marketing, International Business, Commerce, Math
  • Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
  • Arts, Design
  • Computer Science
  • General Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Human Resources
  • Environmental Science, Conservation/Sustainability, Geothermal Power and other Alternative Energies
  • You might be interested in one or more of these types of careers in our industry
  • Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Finance, General Office Management
  • HVAC Engineer, Plumbing Engineer, Refrigeration Engineer, Energy Conservation Engineer, Technical Consultant, Product Designer, Heating System Designer, Plumbing System Designer
  • Graphic Arts, Web Design, Kitchen and/or Bath Showroom Sales & Marketing
  • Information Systems Rep, Software Development Engineer, Business Analyst
  • Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Customer Service
  • Engineer, System Designer, Consultants, Installer

We have compiled a list of all CIPH members with links to the “Careers” section of their websites (or home pages) to help you in your job search.

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