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Co-Op Opportunities

Post-secondary training is available in major Canadian cities and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) has helped organize the combined efforts of colleges and hiring companies to arrange Co-op Programs. Generally, schools alternate study terms with paid employment stints of 10-17 weeks at a time. These postings are generally required for achievement of a Certificate or Diploma.

Co-Op Program Benefits All Parties
Students gain valuable practical experience through classroom and paid on-the-job training. Co-op placements often lead to full-time employment for those who take the experience seriously. Co-ops provide career-related experiences that help students understand more about careers, evaluate choices, increase potential to secure permanent employment and defray some educational expenses.

Employers can get a qualified helping hand with their workload, and contribute to the development of people with both academic training and a genuine interest in their business. Employers can also assess chemistry and capabilities to determine when the future addition of graduates as permanent employees will prove positive both for the graduate and the employer.

Colleges are able to ensure their programs are strongly related to the employment market and keep up to date with changing technologies and the needs of businesses.

How do I access Co-Op Programs within my CIPH Region?

Simply select a Co-op progam at one of the schols in your region:

British Columbia







Maritime Canada/Newfoundland

Add a School:

If you know of a school in your region that you think should be added to our program please contact s.apps@ciph.com