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CareerTap Scholarships

Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating Scholarship Program
The plumbing and hydronic heating industry is meeting the environmental challenges of tomorrow with real-world solutions today.

The CIPH Scholarship Program exists to encourage students to seek careers in the manufacturing, distribution or sale of plumbing, hydronic (hot water) heating, and the industrial pipe, valves and fittings industry. With a huge and growing demand plus an aging workforce, careers in our industry are waiting to be filled.

What is It?
CIPH scholarships are currently available through selected Community Colleges across Canada. It's an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting industry! $225,000 in scholarship funds have been disbursed under our program since it was launched in 2006.

Scholarships will be eligible to students in the following programs, including and limited to:
  1. Selected disciplines relating to the Plumbing and Heating Industry, e.g. Building & Construction Sciences, Environmental Engineering, etc.);
  2. Business Studies (e.g.: Marketing, Administration, IT, Accounting);

Am I Eligible?
Applicants must be Canadian citizens who are registered in a full-time eligible post-secondary degree or diploma program at a recognized Canadian education institution and have completed at least their first year of study and maintained a minimum 70% average. Check with your school's awards department to see if CIPH Scholarship Program funding may be available to you this year.

How Do I Apply?
Click on the college of your choice from the list below for information.  An independent committee determines selections. Decisions are final and not eligible for appeal. Applicants are encouraged to re-apply annually if they continue to meet eligibility criteria. CIPH reserves the right to request verification of any information submitted by an applicant.
  CIPH approves final selections based on recommendations from institutes. This is an on-going year-to-year program. Eligible institutes are subject to change. For more information or to recommend an additional institute please contact Stephen Apps at s.apps@ciph.com.