Hydronics Maintenance Tips

This is Canada, so depending on where you live winter could be just around the corner. It seems like the weather is getting more extreme and more unpredictable with each passing year making readiness the key. Below are some preparations that will make sure that your hydronic heating system is ready to function efficiently when you need it. Keep in mind these should only be completed by a qualified professional.
If your hydronic heating system was installed by an installing contractor who does service work, you may already have received a message advising on the following areas or they may be included in a regular service package.
  • Check all safety controls near the boiler, including relief valves and low water cut off switches.
  • Make sure that circulators are not seized and that zone valves are opening and closing properly.
  • Check to make sure both the fresh air intake and the flue are clear of debris, bird nests, squirrel food storage, etc.
  • If your system utilizes additives, have the hydronic fluid checked to insure that the levels are correct.
  • Have your cross-connection device checked and serviced.
  • Replace any filters as required, for both air and fluid.
  • Visually check your system for leaks or indications of corrosive build up.
  • Fire your boiler and cycle through the safety controls prior to the weather changing.
  • Test that the boiler is operating efficiently with a combustion analyzer

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