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Join an Industry that Cares

CIPH members have a long history of giving back.

Since 1994, members of CIPH have contributed more than $10 million in products and cash to Habitat for Humanity Canada and helped thousands of Habitat families move into simple, affordable homes across Canada. In 2014 CIPH celebrates the 20th anniversary of our support for Habitat.

Water matters because it:
  • Creates great jobs for Canadians
  • Improves the lives of Canadians
  • Drives technological innovation which contributes to the economy
CIPH launched Because Water Matters on behalf of our 260+ members as a way to parlay their passion for all things plumbing and commitment to conservation into a comprehensive website designed to educate Canadians about: water; and the vital role plumbing plays in its efficient usage. From their technological innovation to their efforts towards increased water efficiency, water is their business and Because Water Matters is the channel through which they share their knowledge.

CIPH and our members also support World Plumbing Day, an international day to celebrate the important role that plumbing plays in health and safety.  World Plumbing Day is March 11, every year, everywhere.

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Plus, many members have their own programs to support charities in their own regions.