CIPH members, through the recent Long Range Plan, articulated that technology is a key area in which the CIPH Board should focus in an effort to enhance the productivity and efficiency of members through the leadership on the integration of technology. The first step is this web-based opportunity to provide members with relevant and up-to-date information and a resource center. Through this forum members can also ask questions regarding technology usage and receive industry-based answers from experienced CIPH information technology (IT) manager members.

This new benefit of membership will help members to understand and choose appropriate technologies that may make a significant difference in their ability to be successful in such areas as supporting customer relations, logistics or in managing electronic information.




Technical Standards
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Other Reports

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Reports / Publications To view a list of publications, get free industry reports, or to order from the NAW, visit their Website at www.nawpubs.org.

Ask the CIPH Technology Committee

Connect with the CIPH Technology Committee and industry experts on any of your technology related application and technical questions. Questions will go out to a selected group of CIPH IT managers for answers.