National Codes Center and Water Conservation

On July 7, 2015
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The key result of the 2014 Canadian Advisory Council on Plumbing meetings and discussions was a Working Group was struck to look at the proposed changes to the National Plumbing Code on Water Use Efficiency, specifically on the reference of flowrates that did not match with the current referenced standards.
Similar to the requirements in Ontario’s codes, a compromise solution has been formulated that offers to keep the WaterSense flowrates referenced into the Codes but with caveats to allow for alternate [higher] flowrate application when the lower rates are impractical due to building design, drainage issues, renovations or retrofits. This proposal was accepted by the Standing Committee, PTPACC and the CCBFC. Earlier this year, the Commission voted to accept the proposed changes.
These new requirements will be included in the NPC 2015, anticipated to be released in print in December 2015.
This will harmonize the fixture flowrates requirements nationally to the Water Sense levels and will allow for situations where they are impractical to be evaluated onsite on a case by case basis by the AHJ.
The details of the code change requests can be found here.