Standing Committee on Building and Plumbing Services Announces Recommendation on Delivery of Hot Wat

CIPH News On October 10, 2010
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The Standing Committee on Building and Plumbing Services has decided at its last meeting in Montreal (Nov. 6-7, 2006) to recommend to the Executive Committee of the Canadian Commissions for Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) to prohibit hot water delivery to bathtubs and showers fixture at more than 49 °C.
This Executive Committee of the CCBFC will make its own recommendation to the Canadian Commissions for Building and Fire Codes for final decision at the CCBFC meeting in February 2007.
The current provisions regulate the maximum temperature at the outlet of showers and shower/bathtub combinations and so, if adopted as is by the CCBFC, the new provision would impact stand-alone bathtubs. In keeping with the spirit of performance requirements, the method of complying with this new provision is not explicitly prescribed in the new requirement, rather it is up to the designer to determine which of the various methods of design and installation will be used to comply with this temperature limit.
Other proposed changes addressing water temperature, namely the maximum temperature of water supplied to lavatories, minimum water storage temperature for water heaters, and maintenance of temperature in re-circulating systems, have been withdrawn from the SCBPS's recommendation based on comments received from the public review of the proposed changes.
The current code already requires that mixing valves supplying showerheads be pressure-balanced, thermostatic, or a combination of both, to limit thermal shock; therefore, this new provision in the National Plumbing Code will be an extension of current practice.
 Further information can be obtained from Adaire Chown at the Canadian Codes Centre at 613-993-0352 or from Raman Chauhan at 613-993-9633.